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Cooled Drinks and Snacks delivered in Almada

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Cooled Drinks and Snacks delivered in Almada

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Welcome to Bebida’s Almada. The website and service that delivers you cold drinks when you need it in the area of Almada, Portugal. We have a big selection of cooled (light) alcoholic drinks, soda’s, snacks and much more and deliver these fast and discrete in any area of Almada. For our webshop please check Store. It is possible to book online using our store or simply call to +351(0)961 169 955. We are open daily from 21:00 till late hours, and deliver cold beverages within just 25 minutes. Ideaal if your stock of beers, wine or other items runs out and you need a quick refill. Bebida’s Almada accepts Credit Card, Bank Payment and Cash upon delivery. Please note: we only sell alcohol with a max percentage of 12% to people of only 18 years and above. Upon delivery we can ask you for your verification that proves your age.

We serve cold bebida’s in Almada to only location of the client. This door to door service is ideal for those wanting to have fresh drink’s without taking a drive with a vehicle. Our delivery driver is professional and will bring the goods within just 25 minutes in the area of Almada. Common city’s are listed on the bottom of our website. As far as the brands, wines, beers & extra’s we sell please check out our selection of portugese traditions, portugese beers and wines but also european and overseas products which are very common in Portugal. For the younger one’s we provide soda’s, snacks and candy and upon request extra’s are possible as well. Items can be ordered by using our website very discrete.

  • Vinho do Douro
  • Heineken Beer
  • Licor Beirão
  • Corona’s with Lemon
  • Ginjinha
  • Warsteiner Beer
  • Madeira
  • Other brands upon request

See our top category’s with products on our website. For more info please give us a call on +351(0)961 169 955. We speak English and Portugese.

  • Beers

    Beers (4)

    Beers, only available to persons with the minimum age of 18.
  • Snacks

    Snacks (1)

    Typical, portugese and not portugese snacks.
  • Soda's

    Soda's (4)

    Sodas, available to persons with the minimum age of 12.


It is common to find many cafe’s being closed at a certain time of the day. This ensures peace of the streets and it usually leaves not many places “open” to buy cold drinks in perhaps larger quantities. This is where Bebida’s Almada comes into play. We deliver daily from 21:00 and later hours to your location of choice such as private appartment, AirBNB accomodation or perhaps a hotel. Because of the use of navigation, we can navigate fast in Almada and not use a car but a scooter to manoeuvre faster through busy traffic or hard to reach roads. This gives us a fast and reliable way of service to anyone seeking cold cooled drink(s). The way to place your booking is to select and fill your shopping cart on the website. Follow the instructions on check-out and we will do the rest for you. You can safely and in style enjoy a cold drink(s) on location in anywhere in Almada, Portugal<./p>

Todos os nossos produtos sao entregues frescos, garantimos qualidade e produtos sempre selados. Além da vasta gama de marcas portuguesas temos tambem para turistas marcas europeias, encontrará estes produtos no nosso site., bem como os snacks, desde batatas fritas até às nossas saborosas gomas e muito mais.


We choose to deliver with reliable and economic scooters. Unlike a car a scooter is a faster way of transport when your in smaller villages or area’s in Almada Portugal. All our drivers are independent and have all the required paperwork to succesfully deliver in a safe way throughout Almada. The minimum delivery time is 25 minutes upon confirmation of your booking. In the future we will extend our delivery area into Lisboa and even Cascais. Enjoy your stay in Portugal and dont forget drink wisely. Customers who buy larger quantities will be automaticly rewarded with extra’s like free water, snacks and more. Please check our webshop conditions for more info.

Ideal for when drink(s) run out! Bebida’s Almada always has a big stock of fantastic cooled drinks and product for you to refill. If your having a party, staying with friends or you think it’s too cold to head outside in the middle of the night, call us or place your order by using our website. 100% discrete and fast delivered in the area of Almada. For those who order big there’s always a free product involved starting at just € 35. For more info please contact us if you have any questions.


If your looking for local or more exclusive drinks for delivery, we have what you need. From mix drinks like bacardi cola, jack daniels, smirnoff, rose, white or red wine(s) and much more.

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